Time Windows Theory Validation

Once in Stillsail® Acoustics Lab anyone will soon recognize the “Time Windows Effect”.
If you are playing the resident Shigeru Kawai SK6 or your own instrument
you will perceive the tangible sensation of a startling enlarged space
filled up with all the available acoustic power.
The same perception will be shared by anyone who is listening,
disregarding his/her position within the room.

This effect in turn can be exploited as reverse engineering
to validate the Time Windows Theory through a suitable microphone array
aimed at capturing the acoustic field by pressure-velocity sampling.

The resulting audio recording
is then sent to the monitoring system for life-like reproduction,
this way showing there is no information loss
neither at the origin nor at the end of any acoustical event
taking place at Stillsail® Acoustics Lab.

This proprietary recording technique has been given the name