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Acoustics Lab

Established in 2016 but its history is dating back to 1975 when Chario® Loudspeakers was founded.

During past decades spent on electroacoustic engineering we were also studying audio perception as a necessary tool to match theory to listening.

Chario® Psychoacoustics Lab has been recognized to be a trusty independent research laboratory thanks to his remarkable studies on Home Listening.

During almost forty years of R&D we have been dealing with most of the topics about acoustical events in small rooms.

Some of them are available HERE

Outstanding Achievements

1975     SES™ proprietary system
1980     2500 Hz tweeter roll-on
1981     Long Throw small-woofer  voice coil
1986     WMT™ 3-way Speaker Alignment
1987     NRS2π™ subwoofer acoustic load
1992     RLX™ Spatialization layout
1994     Multislope™ Xover Polynomials
1995     PhaseMag™ Complex Equalizer
1998 CloseField™ T38 WaveGuide Large Tweeter
2000 LinearFlow Transmission Line
2005 Silversoft™   T32 Large Tweeter
2006 FullApex™  – PolyRing woofer technology
2007 DDD Diotic to Dichotic Decorrelator
2008 Constant Polar Group Delay
2009 Doublet woofer-sub acoustic matching
2013 Doubleflex™ woofer cone profile
2015 BOXER™ Decorrelation Engine
2016 Time Windows Enhanced Small Room Acoustics
2018 Resonance Piano Acoustic design

Mario Marcello Murace

Stillsail® founder and owner

Born 1954
Co-Founder of Chario® (1975)
Academic Education: Electrical Engineer (Polytechnic of Milan)
Electroacoustic Systems Designer (over 240 projects)
AES Full-Member since 1979 (Membership # 21358)
Head of R&D at Stillsail® Acoustics Lab
Head of R&D at Chario® Psychoacoustics Lab
Head of R&D at Wardencliff ® Audio Recording Lab
Sound & Music Therapy Psychoacoustics Tutor
Stage Acoustics Consultant
Acoustics Consultant for Recording Studio
Acoustics Consultant for Musical Institutes