Acoustic Project of “Stradivari Room”
Cremona Music – September 28th – 30th, 2018

Thank you for collaboration to:

YAMAHA Italia Gerno di Lesmo


Giovanni Iannantuoni

Gian Piero Terravazzi

Danilo Donzella

The halls hosting pianos in Cremona Music Show were not born to allow musical performances. Their use is intended only for conferences and conventions. The acoustic target is therefore the maximum speech intelligibility, almost always helped by an audio reinforcement system.

Yamaha Italy requested my advice to find an effective and fast-running trick to allow quality listening during concerts held by guest artists on Bösendorfer Imperial.

The regulation of exhibition spaces of any fair event categorically prohibits the use of logistical structures in direct contact with any surface that is not the floor.

The only possible solution remained the floor covering with non-absorptive compact resilient material and baffles along the front quadrants perimeter.

Laying the reflective surfaces next to source (piano) and along suitable radial paths we can fully exploit the interaction between first floor-bounce of acoustic power and the disruption of wave front pressure/speed relationship induced by people’s head & torso diffraction.

This way the psychoacoustic couple LOCALIZATION and SPATIALIZATION has been made available to audience which much appreciated the gift…