“With Resonance I have realized the dream of a perfect natural sound”

The idea arises from the awareness that to do new and valuable things you must be able to see and think in a new way. Examining the piano market I have understood the requirements of the musician who uses the 88 keys, who often dreams of owning a good grand piano, but who suffers the practical limits and the costs.
He is attracted by the qualities and advantages of the digital pianos, but at the same time he has some difficulties to accept the reproduced sound, so far away from his dream. The aim of our job is to uphold the tone-wood for the music, without compromises.

Every product we manufacture at the Ciresa sounds, and plays well. We don’t produce any laminated soundboard, with synthetic materials or carbon fibre, we only use the tone wood, the best spruce from the Fiemme Valley. And also in the future we will continue to make the best soundboards for pianos with spruce, as we have been making for more than 45 years.

For these reasons Resonance Piano by Ciresa could have been conceived just on this territory and could base itself on the use of the soundboards made of the Fiemme spruce only. This is a project studied to make the digital piano play in a natural way, without compromises.
At the Ciresa we have a consolidated experience, a passion for wood and the skills to do it.

Fabio Ognibeni
(Owner Ciresa Srl – inventor of Resonance Piano)

“The Science of Sound in search for Piano Soul.”

When Fabio told me about his new idea I was unsettled because of such an audacity, even though I was already aware about his out of the box Opere Sonore. So, I wasn’t that surprised. Taking a small sized soundboard to turn an electrical musical signal into sound isn’t that easy but can be conceived. On the other hand a grand piano soundboard with neither cast iron frame nor metal strings looks like a meaningless thing. If then, we replace the original keyboard with a digital keyboard, pretending to emulate a real acoustic grand… well, it’s not only inconceivable, it’s madness!

That’s why I soon met the challenge, starting to find out some theoretical solutions to an impossible problem. Now, those solutions did exist but I had to change my mind rethinking the piano’s physics in a totally different manner with respect to what had been done until then. I turned the piano acoustic model upside-down to reach for its True Soul.

After all, the keystone was quite straight to realize. A piano-like electrical signal coming from the output of a digital keyboard cannot power a loudspeaker systems as usual. The acoustical radiation of a loudspeaker is opposed to that of a piano soundboard and their respective math equations don’t match. This is why this insuperable obstacle doesn’t allow the performer to perceive the sound of a real piano so, no emotional engagement will be possible. Resonance Piano by Ciresa is actually gifting a digital piano keyboard something missing: its native Soul.

Mario Marcello Murace
(Acoustical Engineer – Sound Consultant for Ciresa)

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