Sailors of Sound

Introducing Mario Marcello Murace and the enhanced psychoacoustics theory of small rooms

by Silvia Maserati, CCM

On the existence of Sound: A fascinating paradox for scienceminded

A colleague recently introduced me to Mr. Mario Marcello Murace, electrical engineer, electroacoustic system designer and psychoacoustics expert.
In the last decades, Mario Marcello developed his Enhanced Psychoacoustics Theory of Small Rooms, creating or modifying relatively small rooms in order
to reach a perfect (psycho) acoustic performance of the space that surrounds a musician or a singer and his/her audience.

When I first met Mario Marcello, in a few seconds he destroyed the one and only absolute certainty I had in my life: “Sound doesn’t exist in Nature,” he said,  eaving me shocked and intrigued at the same time.
Here is an excerpt from a long interview we had about the hidden nature of acoustic phenomena.
Silvia (S): My curiosity peaked when you said “Sound doesn’t exist…”

Mario Marcello (MM):
Well, let’s talk about Sound with uppercase “S” and sound with lowercase “s”… Lowercase sound is a currently used term to address Sound because we have no better word to address it, but it’s actually a misnomer.
Spoken language isn’t the best code to convey rigorous concepts, and if you want to avoid math then you are forced to cope with fuzzy words.

Download full interview HERE